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Awaken Your Authentic Self 

Heal Your Generational Lineage 

Discover Your Past Life

Andreea Stefanescu

Certified Generational Healer® 


Teacher of Generational Healing®

Licenced Soul Therapist®

Past Life Regression Therapist

Living your life from your heart and knowing what your soul desires means living your dream. It is about living in integrity with who you are, discovering your inner light and allowing it to shine and be fully expressed. Every moment is a choice, an opportunity to be fully present and whole, a chance to manifest your deepest dreams, your truth, your soul purpose.

Allow yourself to dream!

As we travel through life, we are greatly influenced by our family lineage. We carry deeply within our bloodline our ancestors' experiences, their gifts and trauma, their emotions, desires and struggles. The heart knows, the body has great wisdom, she carries all these memories of fear and love, of sadness and joy, of darkness and light. 

Both our soul and ancestral legacies have a great impact on who we are today. Unhealed wounds and past trauma experienced in other lifetimes or by previous generations may be unconsciously active within us, shaping our life path, our choices, and how we feel in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.


In every family there are intergenerational patterns that influence us, our belief systems, the way we think, behave, create and manifest into the world. We may unconsciously carry and experience emotional pain, fears or anxieties that do not belong to us. But all the past trauma that do not serve anyone anymore can be released and healed, so a new path towards emotional freedom, inner peace, joy and abundance could open and become reality.

"The purpose of life is to know yourself and love yourself and trust yourself and be yourself."


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