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Upcoming Events and Classes 2024

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Adults - $350 plus tax

Youth -  $250 plus tax   

Rituals in Sequence of Order:

1. Heart Activation Ritual 

2. Opening The Field with Solar Light Ritual 

3. Merging Solar Axis Plane Ritual

4. Gateway Spine Ritual 

5. Elemental Breath of Connection

6. Gratitude For Mother Earth

7. Breath + Heart Alignment 

8. Gratitude + Closing Ritual 

The Mystic Ritual is designed to secure a healthy energy field as the Earth's electromagnetic field is disrupted by 5G and other EMF's that interfere with your energy field. 

When one's electrical field is disrupted and distorted, physical, mental and emotional impacts are experienced such as headaches, sleep disorders, nausea, digestive issues, heart palpitations, mood Issues, fatigue, poor concentration, brain fog, impaired learning, loss of appetite, muscle aches, depression, to name a few.

The Mystic Ritual is a sequence of 8 rituals that harmonize the internal and external aspects of one's energy field, organ, cell membranes to enhance the vibrancy and integrity of cellular repair and mitochondrion enhancement due to the damage taking place with mobile phones, cell towers, 5G satellites and the disruption in the Earth's atmosphere. 

Each week you will be introduced to a new ritual to enhance your wellbeing and release nervousness, tension, imbalance and disconnection to your body, nervous system, electrical field which determines your overall health. 

The dynamic interface of each ritual movement creates an outcome of enhanced wellbeing,  inner clarity, physical strength and flexibility of the bones and muscles due to the repetitive nature of the sequencing of the ritual movements. 

 Disharmonious energies are realigned, organs begin to function better, mental clarity is enhanced and as well as feeling safe, strong and rooted in one's own body and energy field. 

Each ritual supports the enhancement of cellular integrity by targeting a specific area, element and a diversity of frequencies to localize the abundance of properties your body already produces naturally. For most people these properties are degenerative, blocked, inhibited from its optimum support for the wellbeing of the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing that the body is normally supported by. 

Since the introduction in the 1990's of mass electromagnetic devices, more harmful EMFs and the biological suppression of certain glands that are most useful when operating in a harmony with one another have gone off course for the first time in humanities 200,000 year history. 

The Mystic Ritual is here to support you, your family and children to return to a balanced, harmonious energy and frequency that is beneficial to your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 

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