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Licenced Soul Therapist® Programs

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in Your Authentic Self

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Soul Therapy® is an intelligent energy field designed to walk you through a journey of self-discovery to awaken your truth, your inner desires, and to bring you into a place of harmony with your authentic-self.


Soul Therapy School® is committed to providing you with the most powerful, honest, compassionate and loving approach to understanding who you are, why you are the way you are, and what stops you.

We gift you with how to alters the behaviors, beliefs and perceptions that keep you stuck in a loophole of repeating conditioned patterns.

Wholeness, happiness and feeling grounded in your body are part of your birthrights, part of the rich experiences that your soul desires you to feel, be and do, so you can live your life to her fullest potential.

You are not here to suffer and be in pain, yet that is the daily experience of most individuals. There is another avenue to pursue. By opening up to the wisdom of your soul, you come to understand more about yourself, what you are here to do, and what you desire to be and express into the world.

A Soul Therapist® provides you with a platform of understanding exactly how you got to where you are and equips you with the knowledge and wisdom to get you where your soul desires to be.

The Soul Therapist® Programs consist of 60-minute individual sessions that are spaced out one week from each other. Each Soul Therapy® Session will provide a safe, loving and supportive space for you to express and embrace your inner truth. Focus will be placed upon one specific energy body beginning with your emotional body and completing with your soul body. Each week, you will uncover with Andreea key qualities that open you up to an authentic awakening. Release old patterns, become aware of what has been sabotaging your desires to create a healthy life.

Each program is uniquely designed to deliver powerful results to live your life deeply nourished by your Soul Wisdom.

6 Week Awakening Sessions

The Awakening Sessions bring you to an awareness of where you have created limitations based on past conditioning. This awakening is life-changing and will impact any current situations that have been holding you back from experiencing your truth, choices, and life direction of what is best for you.

3 Month Heart Immersion Program

Our Heart Immersion 3 Month program is dedicated to women who desire to communicate their truth from an authentic place of personal compassion and deep understanding of who they are. During your 3 Month Heart Immersion, you will come to understand yourself better than you ever have, knowing what decisions are in perfect alignment for you to move forward in life courageously while loving yourself tenderly and fiercely.

6 Month Life Path Journey

Your Life Path Journey is a deep exploration of discovering who you are, why are you here and what life path is the most beneficial and rewarding for you. You will come to understand how your life path influences how you feel about your body and your thoughts.

You will discover how your emotions can be the inspiration for creating abundance while showing you how your spirit can lead you into your greatest journey in life. These influences will heal your relationships with your family, friends and lovers, as well as create a healthy future of expressing your truth. This will be done in a powerful way that exemplifies your authentic self, enabling you to carry out the mission that you came here to complete.

9 Month Soul Expression Program

Your Soul Expression 9 Month program provides the nourishment to uncover aspects of your true self and go deep into your soul expression. This program leads you to a life-altering experience of knowing compassion as a strength, using self-love as a launching pad for greatness, speaking your truth for self and others, and understanding how your core soul expression shows up in the world. You will come into the Soul Expression program knowing you want to shift your life in a powerful way, not yet knowing how, but feeling the call.

We will provide the how — guaranteed. As you are supported throughout your nine months of recreating a new you, the how will reveal itself. This is the perfect program for you if you are desiring to live your life expressing who you truly are and need the support to reach your highest potential in all aspects of your life.

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