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    About Andreea
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Andreea Stefanescu is a professionally trained Generational Healer® and Teacher, and a Licenced Soul Therapist® certified by Soul Therapy School ® and the founder of Generational Healing®, Deborah Skye King


She is a Past Life Regressionist, professionally trained by Deborah Skye King, and certified by the International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute in Toronto, Canada

Her country of origin is Romania where she travels yearly to teach and share the work that deeply inspires her soul to shine. 

Having traveled to numerous countries for self-discovery, Andreea seeks to know the truth of our existence, the SOUL of life.

Andreea has been mentored for the past seven years at Soul Therapy School®.

She has developed a professional practice offering services that fuel her spirit and inspires her clients to learn more about living an authentic life while healing from past generational influences, past conditionings and lifetimes.

Andreea is located in Vaughan, and she also sees her clients at the Cabin Wellness Clinic in Fisherville, Ontario. To book with her please view her upcoming schedule.

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"Being in service to others is a very humbling, profound and healing experience. It is an honor and a privilege to work with the Ancestors, to support people in their life journeys, and to help our planet - Mother Earth - release the densities that no longer serve her.

As my life path started to shift, the Universe has given me guidance and signs all along the way in what I was needed to do to follow my heart and my dreams."

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